Northeast habitat guides: a companion to the terrestrial and aquatic habitat maps

RCN Topic
Develop Regional Base Maps for Analyses of NE Species of Greatest Conservation Need Data

The objective of this report is to ensure good understanding and widespread use of the Northeast Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitat maps. We intend to accomplish this by: 1) creating a printable, web-based guide to the Northeast Terrestrial Habitat map with description of the habitat types, species composition and ecology of each habitat, example photographs, wildlife associations and distribution patterns, and guidance on cross-walking the habitats to other (state) classification schemes, 2) Producing a report on the data and methods used to create the map including internal validation mechanisms, suggested uses of the GIS data and map, and examples of external validation and accuracy check, and 3) developing a training module on using the habitat map with 2-3 hosted Web Ex trainings.