Design and Implement Monitoring Protocols, Measures, and Indicators for NE Species of Greatest Conservation Need

This project is a synthesis of the growing volumes of regional conservation data and information produced through the Regional Conservation Needs (RCN) program and Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs). This synthesis will provide the regional context for the elements that states must review and revise in their State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs) by 2015.

This document summarizes the innovative and strategic approaches to conservation that have been developed collaboratively with Northeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies’ Fish and Wildlife Diversity Technical Committee and its key partners. Together, the Northeast states have created a regional conservation planning framework enabling the systematic development of common terrestrial and aquatic habitat classifications, identification of Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need, integrated monitoring framework for species and their habitats and regional assessments of species and habitat condition. Recent conservation efforts for Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need (such as New England cottontail and Blanding’s turtle) highlight how the states are applying this regional conservation planning framework across state lines to preempt federal listing by implementing on-the-ground conservation.

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